Olive Oil has one of the healthiest fats on Earth.
It is high in monounsaturated fatty acids that have only one double bond thus making it highly resistant to heat.

How is frying in olive oil beneficial?

  • With olive oil food can be fried at high temperatures, between 130 degree Celsius and 180 degree Celsius.
  • At the right temperature, olive oil forms a thin golden crispy layer around the food thus preventing the oil to absorb. This makes food fried in olive oil lighter and easy to digest.
  • Food fried in olive oil would taste much better and remain nutritious as it helps in retaining the juiciness of the food.
  • Most importantly, olive oil fries it doesn’t boil unlike many other oils, therefore its properties are maintained at 180 degree Celsius.

How to make sure that the food fried in olive oil turns out to be better?

  • Store olive oil in glass or ceramic container.
  • Olive oil in the pan should be hot, not smoking.
  • Always remember, olive oil expands when its heated therefore it goes longer than other oils.
  • We suggest not using olive oil more than 3-4 times however make sure that it has been filtered after frying to get rid of the food residue.
  • To make sure the food doesn’t end up soft or burnt, pour enough olive oil to cover the ingredients.
  • The ingredients should be dried before frying to get best results.
  • Always add food in small batches to make sure the temperature of oil doesn’t drop suddenly.
Due to olive oils oleic acid content, it remains quite stable.
Since its smoke point is so high, olive oil is definitely ideal oil for deep-frying.



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