What is cooking oil smoke point?

The temperature at which an oil starts to smoke is called the Smoke Point of the oil. It is important to know the smoke point of the oil in which you cook as no one wants to burn their oil. If an oil is over heated, it releases potentially toxic compounds.

Smoke points should be considered as a generalised value rather than a precise value. The surface area of the pan also plays an important role, for example a deep pan with a thin layer of oil will have a different smoke point than a wide shallow pan.

Read more on how Professor Robert Walke explains this important topic in his book What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained.

Olive Oil 390 – 468°F
Sunflower Oil 440 – 450°F
Soybean Oil 440 – 450°F
Canola Oil 435 – 445°F
Peanut Oil 420 – 430°F
Corn Oil 400 – 415°F
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 350 – 410°F
Virgin Coconut Oil 350°F