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It is our promise; it is OLIVISTRY’s promise!

The Sacred Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is rich in its history within the Mediterranean Region. These trees have wrinkled and cracked barks and are usually very old. If there were only one tree that could tell us the story of the world, it would be the Olive Tree. Its gnarled branches as thick as the hands of a wise old man, the tree is like a keeper of knowledge and is as old as mother earth. The olive tree is a tree with a thousand virtue, shimmering with knowledge and passed from generation to generation dropping precious pearls known as the Olive Fruit.

What makes OLIVISTRY’S Olive Oil Unique?

Tunisia is now one of the largest producers of olive oil offering multiple local varieties such as Chemlali and Chetoui Olives, widely known as the award winning olives which we use at OLIVISTRY.

Apart from the two main varieties of Olives (Chemlali and Chetoui), there are more than 19 other types of olives with their own unique character and richness. Having said that, Tunsian ancestors selected Chemlali and Chetoui due to their unique and identifiable properties.

Chemlali Olives are mainly in the centre and south of Tunisia. These olives come from a vigorous tree. It is very productive and resistant to arid conditions which is the typical climate in Tunisia. Due to this climate, the tree gives a fruity olive oil that is not too bitter with pleasant flavours of green almonds especially at the beginning of the harvest. The tree’s biological importance is vital as it guarantees high levels of sterols.

Whereas the Chetoui Olives are mainly grown in the north of Tunisia and gives a bitter oil with intense aromas of green almond but contains high levels of phenolic compounds (> 300 ppm) guaranteeing stability against oxidation. Olive Oil has miraculous virtues that no one can ignore.

Today, Tunisia produces over 180,000 tons of olive oil per year, divided between the 1520 oil mills which are capable of crushing 23,000 tonnes per day, over the country’s 1.6 million hectares. This makes Tunisia the fourth largest producer in the world after Spain, Italy and Greece in terms of olive oil production.

Hence why, OLIVISTRY chose to produce olive oil from Tunisa.